Why is your website so plain?

We’d rather impress you with our performance, than with a fancy website.   (Plus, we’d rather fill this page with all the extra gibberish that tends to clutter up a normal website.)

Is Just Barclay a professional?

Yes – he has performed professionally for over 10 years, and has been entertaining people most of his adult life.  He holds a City of Menifee Business License, is fully insured, and is a member of the following associations: International Brotherhood of Magicians, Fellowship of Christian Magicians, and KIDabra International.

How much do you charge?

We charge a competitive rate based on industry standards that vary depending on the type of show, distance from our location, etc.  To get a detailed quote for your event, please call us at (714) 808-6494 or fill out our contact form.

What type of magic do you do?

Just Barclay is a comedy magician and uses small handheld props, combined with humor and audience participation to create a memorable event.   In fact, his entire show is entirely contained within a small suitcase.   As they say in our business, we pack small, play big.

I found another entertainer that charges less than you.  Why is that?

Yes, you can probably find someone less expensive who just performs on the weekends for fun… someone who isn’t insured, part of professional organizations, etc.  But we try not to undercut other professionals who have put years into their craft.

Why does it cost so much to hire an entertainer?

Well, you are not just paying for 1 hour of his time to show up to your venue and perform.  You are being charged for his experience!  It takes years to learn the craft, buy and maintain props, costumes, upkeep on transportation, fuel and mileage, conventions to learn more, stay professional with insurance and business licenses, paying association fees,  advertising and marketing, and everything else it takes to manage a small business.

Our charity is having an event and we can’t afford an entertainer.  Will you do it for free?

We would love to do free show for you, however, we will need you to cover our ‘out of pocket’ expenses:  fees to buy and maintain props, costumes, upkeep on transportation, fuel and mileage, conventions to learn more, stay professional with insurance and business licenses, paying association fees,  advertising and marketing, and everything else it takes to manage a small business.  And if you could, please throw in a little extra to cover: food for a family of five, utility bills, college funds, clothing, medical insurance, etc.

Hey, our fee doesn’t sound so bad after all, does it?

How far in advance should we book your show?

As soon as you can!  If you have a special date in mind, chances are someone else does too,  and as Just Barclay can not be in two places at once, we highly recommend that you pay a booking deposit to secure your date and time.  Since we are full time professionals, we can book as much as a year or more in advance.

What types of special events/venues can you perform at?

Almost any of them, such as: Fairs and festivals, corporate events, weddings, pumpkin patches, libraries, schools, churches, Vacation Bible School (VBS), Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Elks Lodges, Moose Lodges, city council meetings, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCAs, Christmas events, Senior Centers, Easter Events, Spring Break Events, malls, restaurants, fundraisers, etc.  (How is that for keyword placement?)

Who can you teach magic and balloon workshops to?

Our magic and balloon workshops are suitable for any gathering of up to 60 with proper supervision.  We recommend that if teaching children, that they be ages 7 and up.  As for adults, a healthy sense of humor is a requirement as well.

How long does it take Just Barclay to set up and break down for a magic show?

Very little time is necessary.  Just Barclay is self contained and needs about 5 minutes to set up and an additional 5 minutes to break down for a basic show.

Is your show clean and age appropriate?

All of Just Barclay’s shows are clean.  You will never find foul language, off color jokes or risque /inappropriate content with any of our programs.    On the other hand, we reserve the right to refuse business that we think might not adhere to our moral or ethical standards.  If you are looking for safe, clean, and fun entertainment, Just Barclay is your guy!

Can we hire you to perform for the kids in one room, while the adults are in another room?

Even though Just Barclay will mesmerize your children during the show, he is not a licensed babysitter.  Please provide one or two responsible adults to supervise while Just Barclay is performing.

Do you perform outdoors?

It depends!  Obviously for fairs and festivals, we can perform outdoors.  But when there is an option (such as a birthday party), we always prefer to perform inside and here is why:  When you hire an entertainer, you want to get the most bang for your buck.  You want the children to pay attention to the show, rather than be distracted by a plane, stray animal or anything else that might show up.  Not only that, we are in Southern California where it can get HOT during the summer.  For the comfort of your guests (AND the entertainer), we prefer indoors when possible.

How much space do you need to perform your show?

Not a lot!  Just Barclay has performed in garages, back yards, foyers, and even in the cargo hold of an airplane – REALLY!.  Usually an 4×4 space would be sufficient for a stage area, and you can place the guests wherever you’d like. (Preferably not behind him.)

How long is your show?

Typically we have found that the 30, 45, or 60 minute spots have been the most popular, however, should you need specialized timing, most anything can be arranged.

When should we have you start your show?

We recommend that you give your guests plenty of time to arrive prior to the entertainment starting.  For example, if your party starts at 3pm, we suggest that you book the entertainment spot for 4pm.  This should allow plenty of time for the fashionably late to arrive.

Can Just Barclay delay the show’s start time to allow for late arrivals?

Due to the fact that Just Barclay performs several shows in a day, it is imperative that he starts at the agreed upon time.  Should you wish for Just Barclay to delay his program, he will be happy to oblige, but he will still need to leave at the agreed upon time.

What do I need to provide for Just Barclay?

Just Barclay’s show is completely self contained, however, an outlet would be preferred when using his sound system.

Does Just Barclay use live animals in his shows?

At this time, we have opted not to use live animals as a magical prop.

Is it okay for young children or babies to attend the show?

All ages are welcome to watch the show, and I will try to work them in when possible, however, very small children and babies tend to be a distraction for the guests who are trying to participate and enjoy the program.   In fact, we also suggest that any pets be absent from the show as well.

Will all children get to perform with you?

Just Barclay would love to meet and perform with every child on stage – but due to time constraints, that simply isn’t possible.  Instead, we try to pick a few volunteers to help throughout the show as well as incorporating several routines to allow the entire audience to assist with magic from their seats if they choose.

Can we take pictures or video of your show?

You are more than welcome to video or take pictures from the audience point of view.  In fact there are several Kodak moments during the show, which we’d love to see! Make sure to tag Just Barclay on social media when possible.  However, we frown upon photos or video of behind the scenes, as we would like to keep magic secrets just that.   Thank you for helping to keep the magic a secret.

Is tipping necessary?

By all means, YES, when dining in a restaurant.  However, it is not expected for a professional magic show.  That being said, Just Barclay will always graciously accept any gratuity that is offered.

Does your company offer any other types of entertainment?

Funny you should ask… we also own and operate Funhouse Escape Room in Menifee.